With the recount of the presidential election ongoing, and local election runoffs happening in December, Angelia Pelham, CEO of Real Talk Executive Coaching and Mentoring, has officially announced her bid for Frisco City Council Place 3.

Pelham filed her application Nov. 6 with the Frisco city secretary’s office.

Three days after the elections seems like a strange time to do so, but Pelham says local candidates seeking office in May find themselves facing a shorter campaign since the May election was delayed until November due to COVID-19.

“I’m trying to get my name out there and going to lose a lot of time with holidays and now with the run off in December,” she says. “Before [COVID-19] we had almost 8 or 9 months to campaign. I’m trying to make up some time.”

On her LinkedIn page, Pelham describes herself as someone who understands how to lead and serve. She calls herself an executive coach who is rooted in integrity and speaks with truth and candor, which is sorely needed in today’s political landscape.

Pelham is also the recipient of several honors such as the 2018 Texas Diversity Council Dallas Power 50 award and 2017 Dallas Top 15 Business Women Award. She has also appeared on several notable press lists including the Black Enterprise Magazine’s Most Powerful Executives in Corporate America in 2017, Local Profile‘s Featured Women in Business in 2017, and Savoy Magazine Top Influential Women in Corporate America in 2016.

In the video below, Pelham announce her Frisco City Council bid and highlights her reasons for seeking office and her campaign platform:

YouTube video
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