Rikki Ragland grew up in a household surrounded by ambassadors, congressmen, and dignitaries. Her father was a colonel, and he raised his daughter in D.C and Maryland. They lived in a former girls’ seminary school. Their house was a colonial house. Next door was a windmill and a castle with a working drawbridge behind them. They would go on retreats with a general to Fort A.P. Hill.

“I called it our ‘little Camp David for the military,’” Ragland said. “Having that environment, really, it was very powerful to me. I was growing up, looking at leaders, and my mother and father were both leaders in their communities.”

Ragland sat down with Local Profile as part of the Local Leaders series Tuesdays on Facebook Live to discuss her life in and out of media, running her own media business, and raising children and working during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Some of the key takeaways included having the core foundation that her family provided, which helped her to be successful.

“They see that you can’t choose your family, but I honestly would have chosen my family,” Ragland said. “My parents were a powerhouse in two things: creating their kids and raising their kids.”

To learn more check out the video below: 

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