This year has been a big one for North Texas Giving Day, in every respect.

After a tumultuous several months for Texas nonprofits, Thursday’s virtual giving spree wrapped to see over $58.8 million raised for more than 3,200 nonprofits. The gifts poured in from 106,000 donors across the US, and from 26 other countries. 

“From the very beginning, we said this year served a greater purpose than ever before,” Dave Scullin, president and CEO of Communities Foundation of Texas, said in a Sept. 18 press release. “We are so grateful and in awe of our generous donors, community members, sponsors, and volunteers who once again rose to the occasion for our friends and neighbors and highlighted how philanthropic this region is.

“Most importantly, the dollars that we raised together, all 106,000 of us, will help fuel the nonprofits that are continuing to serve our community during these challenging times.”

Since its launch in 2009, North Texas Giving Day, powered by Communities Foundation of Texas, has raised more than $368.8 million for local nonprofits.

This year was especially important. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced local nonprofits needed help offsetting two canceled fundraising seasons and the unending need of the community, which has been fueled by COVID-19 and civil and social justice uprisings.

On Thursday, North Texas Giving Day persevered through the pandemic to adjust its 12th annual day of giving by enlisting 16 days of early giving, an 18-hour virtual giving rally, and socially distanced car rallies like the Give Big Drive.

Going virtual also opened the doors for nonprofits to raise money efficiently and increased donors’ abilities to give strategically for specific causes.

The nearly $60 million raised Thursday comes approximately five months after Communities Foundation of Texas co-hosted an emergency giving day, North Texas Giving Tuesday Now with the Dallas Cowboys and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, which raised more than $20.7 million.

The total raised by both giving days is $79.5 million.

North Texas Giving Day Honorary Co-Chair Cynt Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks, pointed out, “During these extraordinarily uncertain times, North Texas Giving Day continues to anchor this community with hope, confidence, and positivity.

“Thank you to all the generous donors and volunteers who continue to make North Texas a wonderful place to work and live.”

The full list of results (sortable by organization name, total gifts or total dollars) and prizes is listed at Individual nonprofits’ numbers listed do not include bonus and prize funds. Results on the website are subject to final review and verification. Updated totals will be available after October 31.

Jordan Jarrett

Jordan is the digital manager at Local Profile. She creates digital, print and social content. Her passion is profiling people and their experiences, connecting community through authentic narrative.