Friday, Sept. 18, is Black Voter Day, and the Collin County NAACP wants people to repost, tag, and share their posts on all social media outlets.

According to a Sept. 17 press release, they also recommend the following verbiage for you to use:

“It’s time to #reclaimyourvote! We’re in the final stretch of the election season. That means it is more important than ever that our efforts are focused and intentional. This moment in history requires that we must mobilize the Black community. That’s why we are recognizing #NationalBlackVoterDay on Sept. 18, 2020. There are undeniable efforts being made to not only discourage but illegally suppress Black voters.

“Let’s fight against these forces and show the real power of the Black Vote! Remember: ***If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t work so hard to suppress it***

Please repost, tag, and share! Now, get out there and vote like the world depends onit. Because it does. #CollinCoNAACP #NAACP #voting #vote #democracy #votingrights#votingmatters #registertovote #govote #civilrights votingintexas #votincollincouty#voterregistration #collincountyvote #votereducation

Then, on Sunday, Sept. 20, they would like for you to post on social media and text a reminder of National Voter Registration Day, which is Tuesday, Sept. 22.

As for Tuesday, Sept. 22, they would like for you to do it again and ask five people if they are registered to vote and encourage them to vote.

For information about registering to vote visit:

To learn more about the Collin County NAACP visit

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