Thursday, Denton police released the body cam footage from the January 21 night when a University of North Texas student, Darius Tarver, was killed by a Denton police officer.

Kevin Tarver, a McKinney police chaplain, has been demanding Denton police release the body cam footage of his son’s death for several weeks now. He claims the footage does not match the events depicted by police in initial news reports and does not show his 23-year-old son attacking police. His son was set to graduate in May with a degree in criminal justice.

Soon, community members and two city council members from Denton and McKinney joined in his call and began demanding transparency from Denton police officials, who seemed reluctant to release the footage.

Denton police held a press conference Thursday afternoon, released the body cam footage, and followed with a town hall meeting Thursday evening to discuss Tarver’s death.

Denton County District Attorney’s Office is forwarding the case to the grand jury.

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