Not a week goes by in North Texas when something big doesn’t happen in the world of music. The same, however, can be said for items some may not consider to be front page news, yet are certainly worthy of your attention. Let’s take a look at what’s going on this week for music lovers around town.

Beloved local alternative rock band Black Tie Dynasty have announced a reunion. As Cory Watson tells the Dallas Observer, a rather unfortunate scenario brought the group back from its 2010 breakup. As a refresher, there were few local bands in the early aughts who were more beloved by local rock fans and more primed for some sort of major national breakthrough. Although that massive commercial success never materialized, there’s little doubt the group will be welcomed with a great deal of nostalgic zeal.

On the topic of local talents who have hit the big time, Dallas-raised Demi Lovato performed the National Anthem at last Sunday’s Super bowl. The performance itself was admirable, but it was the actions of a few notable spectators that had the internet buzzing after Lovato nailed her turn singing on the field.

Dallas-based country-rock band Ottoman Turks finally released their first ever full-length record in 2019 after several years together. Led by singer-songwriter Nathan Wells, and featuring Joshua Ray Walker, a respected solo artist in his own right, on guitar, the band seems primed to make 2020 an exciting year as well. Rolling Stone recently premiered the video for “Apathy”.

In 2019 McKinney’s own country stud Zane Williams announced he was forming a new band and asked for help from fans on coming up with the name. After much deliberation, the new group was named Hill Country. Consisting of Andy Rogers, Paul Eason, Lyndon Hughues and Sean Rodriguez, the group has been slowly releasing new music videos and has begun performing live. You can catch them at Love and War in Texas in Plano on Friday, Feb. 7 and Friday, Feb. 14.

The past few days have also witnessed a slew of blockbuster concerts, aimed at the aging rocker in all of us. 

Guns N’ Roses return to Arlington on Aug. 18 to play in the new home of the Texas Rangers, Globe Life Field. 

On May 29, Mick Jagger and the men of the Rolling Stones return to North Texas to play at the Cotton Bowl, a site the iconic band has performed in a number of times before, including storied shows in 1981 and 1989. 

The ’90s are still going strong for many of us, and few concerts are better aimed at those who feel that way than this can’t-miss double bill featuring alt-rock titans Incubus and rap-rock greats 311 taking place on July 28 at Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas.

Kelly Dearmore

Kelly Dearmore is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, Paste, American Songwriter, Houston Press, Sounds Like Nashville and more. He lives in Carrollton,...