As technology rapidly advances, the demand for trade workers is quickly growing. While many maintain the misconception that a college degree is the only way to success, one of Texas’ most key public figures is aiming to prove otherwise. Roy Spence, founder of the famous “Don’t Mess With Texas” campaign has recently launched the Make It Movement, a multi-tiered public awareness campaign designed to inform, inspire and engage Texans around the growing opportunities within the trades.

The Make It Movement is committed to highlighting the value of education and training gained through community colleges, technical schools and apprenticeships. Through the movement, Spence hopes to bring back the dignity these vital careers deserve.

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“The Make It Movement will get perception in line with today’s reality in Texas and across America that, while a four-year college path is right for many, it’s not the only path to a great living and great life,” said Spence in a press release. “It’s especially gratifying that our mission has struck a chord with leading employers in Texas such as Hunt Consolidated and Dickies.” 

Spence has partnered with Collin College, along with other Texas community colleges, to help educate Texans around the growing opportunities within the trades. He has also received support from VF Corporation and its Dickies® workwear brand, which has long been committed to promoting trade work and bridging skills gaps within the workplace.

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“At Dickies, we believe it is our role to fuel the pride and passion that comes from the dignity of work, which is why we are so proud to be a key partner of Make It,” said Curt Holtz, Executive Vice President and Group President of VF Workwear, in a press release. “Since 1922, we have been a trusted brand that has stood alongside generations of proud makers, equipping them with tough, durable workwear that has enabled them to make and shape our world. We are excited about this important campaign and hope that it will encourage others to follow their passion and join the Make It Movement.” 

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