The Dinosaur Company, a division of Billings Productions, Inc., located in Allen, Texas, is home to over 400 animatronic creatures. Walking round the warehouse where these creatures are built, stored, and maintained, you can expect to see dinosaurs as large as 40 feet, giant bugs that are bigger than your car, and, as of this year, Primal Predators that make you thankful humans are currently at the top of the food chain.

The company was founded by Larry and Sandra Billings in McKinney in 2003 and was relocated to their current home, a much larger warehouse, in Allen in 2012. After Larry’s passing in 2007, Sandra and her daughter, Lauren, are continuing the legacy as President and Vice President, making The Dinosaur Company a woman-owned and operated organization.

Lauren billings, vice president, the dinosaur company

As a world leader in the design and development of animatronic exhibits for zoos, museums, and theme parks, The Dinosaur Company has an educationally-oriented mission. They strive to provide accurate recreations of extinct creatures in order to educate the public about their history and inspire kids of all ages to go into sciences such as paleontology, biology and geology, as well as STEAM-related subjects.

In fact, one could argue that the production facility is basically a big STEAM center! Walking around the shop you can find areas for welding, sculpting, painting, engineering, and much more. Everything is designed and fabricated in house and then shipped to educational organizations all over the world. Their newest build is a series of predators including a Saber-Toothed Cat, a 50- foot Titanoboa snake, a ferocious looking Terror Bird, and a 12-foot-tall bear!

Curious to know how a dinosaur is made? Well, as of June 1st, The Dinosaur Company is open for public tours and events. Imagine the ultimate dino-themed birthday party, a T-Rex tooth painting class, a Winos & Dinos tour, or even a BYOB after dark tour. They also have a gift shop and online store for all of your prehistoric shopping needs.

If you want to see a life-sized dinosaur in action (because, why wouldn’t you?), you can find exhibits from The Dinosaur Company amongst the temporary show Dinos at the Dallas Zoo, on display until October 27th. If you are too busy this spooky season, don’t worry; you can also find these ferocious creatures at the Heard Museum in McKinney until February 17th. 

Billings Productions Warehouse, where dino tours are held

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Pricing for tours of the facility is $8 for kids and $10 for adults and kids 3 and under are free.

The tours operate on Saturdays and Sundays (except for holidays) and it is best to book your tour appointment in advance to ensure you get the time slot you want.

For additional information about tours or to book an event, you can email: or call (972) 440-1965.

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