Plano City Manager Mark Israelson has named Greg Rushin Deputy City Manager. Since May, Rushin has served as interim deputy city manager, while continuing his leadership of the police department. He will have responsibility for public safety, which includes fire-rescue, police, public safety communications, emergency management and animal services. He will assume his new role on September 30.

Rushin came to the City of Plano in June of 1982. He served as assistant police chief from 1996 until 2001 when he was promoted to chief. “It’s been an honor to serve the Plano Community for 34 years and 18 of that as police chief. We have a police department that serves as a model for law enforcement across the country,” said Rushin.

A national search for a new police chief will begin in October. Rushin will guide that effort. “I’m confident the tradition of excellence in our safe community will continue under the direction of a new chief,” said Rushin. “I’m looking forward to this exciting new role and the many challenges ahead.”

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