Shiny silver and Celina-orange ribbons decorated road signs Friday night as the town prepared for its annual homecoming football game.

Closer to the game location, some ribbons created one glimmering line in trees along the road. Still more decorated the gates at this year’s location for the town’s homecoming traditions, a multi-million-dollar athletic complex in its first year of use.

The Celina board of trustees approved plans for $24.5 million going to the Celina ISD Multipurpose Athletic Complex in September 2018, and the football team played its first home game at the complex in August.

The Celina High School varsity football team won 63-7 Friday at its homecoming game against Sanger High School. During the course of the game, attendees witnessed school traditions. Some, like the blaring of horns at every Celina High School touchdown, run game to game; others, like the presentation of the homecoming court, only happen annually. This year, that annual tradition had its inaugural run at the athletic complex.

Audrey Henvey

Audrey Henvey is a former editorial intern at Local Profile and a current senior at the University of Texas at Arlington. She has worked at the UT Arlington newspaper, The Shorthorn as a College of Engineering...