Over the course of the next 20 years, Plano is expected to grow considerably, in terms of business and population. To accommodate said growth, City of Plano Planning & Zoning Commission surveyed Plano residents from 2013 to 2014 to better understand the needs of the city. From there, the committee created the Plano Tomorrow plan, a plan to help establish Plano as “a global leader, excelling in exceptional education, abounding with world class businesses and vibrant neighborhoods,” according to City of Plano.

Since its inception, the Plano Tomorrow plan has not been met without controversy. There has been some disagreement among Plano residents regarding land usage.

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In a survey conducted between 2013 and 2014, many Plano residents noted that should new homes be constructed in Plano, they would prefer that said homes be smaller, one-story single-family homes. However, upon the revealing of the Plano Tomorrow plan, many have shared their disdain towards the idea of a dense, apartment-heavy development in Plano.

A group of people has gone as far as to a lawsuit against the city, following a petition that gathered signatures to submit a proposal to repeal the plan.

Other aspects of the Plano Tomorrow plan include transit, education and art and cultural opportunities.

In response to the outpour of disagreement to certain parts of the Plano Tomorrow plan, City of Plano is considering striking some of the plan’s more controversial components.

While changes to the city of Plano, including mass transit options and affordable housing options, would be beneficial to those moving to Plano to work for companies headquartered in Collin County, some aren’t very fond of the idea.

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On Monday, July 22, Plano City Council and the Plano Planning and Zoning Commission will meet and vote on whether or not to repeal the Plano Tomorrow plan. City Council may consider adopting an amended plan, however, it is currently unclear as to how the modified plan will differ from the original.

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