In recent weeks, the number of bobcats that have been spotted roaming the streets and parks of Collin County, particularly in Plano, Frisco, and McKinney, have peaked. One family of bobcats has even taken up residence within a storm drain within the Spring Creeks Estates neighborhood. The photograph below was posted to Nextdoor by Myrilta “Jean” Stiles.

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Bobcat living in a storm drain, Plano Texas. Photo courtesy of Myrilta “Jean” Stiles. 

While the thought of a bobcat frolicking freely throughout the suburbs may seem strange, it is not unusual for bobcats to make daytime appearances from January to March. These winter months comprise mating season for bobcats, and during this time, they are more active during the day in reaction to their prey. This does not mean the prevalence of bobcats in our areas has increased, it is just a reflection of their increased daytime activity at this time of year.

While the idea of a bobcat sighting may seem frightening, most bobcats are harmless and tend to keep to themselves if left unbothered. According to Plano Animal Control, there is no recorded case of a bobcat attacking a person in Plano’s history.

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“Bobcats can be a threat to small dogs,” said Nextdoor user Rocky Miller, “but generally speaking, they avoid noise and chaos (read: children).”

Miller also added that Plano Animal Control will not remove bobcats if called, as “[t]hey have been declared ‘indigenous creatures’ and considered ‘part of the neighborhood.’”

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Some responses to bobcat sightings have been more positive and admirative in tone.

“Just saw a beautiful young bobcat on Big Horn,” said Nextdoor user Kaye O’Leary. “It took off between houses before I could get a picture.”

While City of Plano will not remove bobcats from public properties, they are willing to trap them humanely in the event that they create a den at a residence. City of Plano also recommends that you keep pets and small animals indoors and that residents not leave out any food or water.

For more information on bobcats and coyotes, contact City of Plano animal services at 972.769.4360, or click here.


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