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Chontae Feldman (left) and Lindy Jones (right) pictured at the inaugural Discover Dyslexia Through Art exhibit | Image courtesy of Chontae Feldman

Since their children were in preschool, mothers Chontae Feldman and Lindy Jones have worked together with other parents to raise dyslexia awareness within the community. What started as a set of ideas between the two moms has grown into a group of parents dedicated to supporting and providing resources both children and adults with dyslexia. Last December, North Texas Dyslexia hosted Discover Dyslexia Through Art, an art show at The Cove in McKinney. Prior to the art show, children with dyslexia submitted artwork to be showcased at the event.

Feldman, who is dyslexic herself, wants people to know that dyslexia manifests itself in many different ways.

“Dyslexics are out of the box thinkers and know a shorter way from A to B than a straight line,” Feldman says. “We are crazy creative and can do anything neurotypical thinkers can do.”

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Feldman and Jones first met each other when their children were in preschool. They had kept contact over the years, however, their true partnership formed when Feldman proposed the idea of an art show to Jones.

“Creating and organizing could be my two most favorite words,” Jones says. “Chontae’s vision was all I
needed to spring into action.”

North Texas Dyslexia’s inaugural Discover Dyslexia Through Art event proved to be a success, with many children submitting artwork and several families, including that of McKinney’s mayor George Fuller, in attendance.

Discover Dyslexia Through Art drew a large crowd | Image courtesy of Chontae Feldman

“Some of our visitors had no dyslexics in the family,” Feldman says. “There were so many conversations going on between strangers. All of the artists were so proud to see their work on display and excited that strangers were looking at it.  It was really a wonderful experience for all.”

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Since the art show, Feldman and Jones have been working together to help McKinney ISD implement dyslexia boards in their schools.

“Now that the art show was such an incredible success, I have more confidence to discuss it with the appropriate campus leadership,” Jones says.

Discover Dyslexia through art will return for a second show at The Cove in October.

“Dyslexic minds see, comprehend, problem solve, create and live in a beautiful, superhero brain,” Jones says. “It is a misunderstood blessing that Chontae and I will continue to broaden.”

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