More unconventional dates in Collin County

In case you left your planning last-minute, let us help you make Valentine’s Day great. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Why don’t you make it a night to remember?

Goat Yoga


Photo by Cori Baker

A romantic chance to find your center–together. Just you, your date, and a baby goat leaping onto your back because the yoga instructor sprinkled food on your new lululemon sweatshirt.

North Texas Drag Bingo

Need we say more? It’s drag bingo. And ticket holders can send their friends to “Queen Jail,” where they will be released upon receipt of a cash donation.

Mitsuwa Marketplace

Bring cash and dive into this amazing Asian food court. Your date can get ramen. You can get soba. Afterward, you can do your grocery shopping.

K9 cinema

Via BarkHappy

Kill two birds with one stone: find out if your date will share the popcorn, and—more importantly—whether they get along with your dog.

Dark Hour Haunted House

You know that old trick of going to see a horror flick so that your terrified date will cuddle with you for comfort? Why don’t you try going for a walk in a living horror movie?

Free Play Arcade

Dinner is played out. But dinner, while button-mashing your way through retro Mario Kart or Galaga? That’s a solid play.

Sushi Marquee


Photo credit: Harout Yerganian

At Sushi Marquee, The Star, you can enjoy a montage of ’80s flicks, eat a nice dinner and try out a new hobby: ‘Boy-watching. (It’s like birdwatching, only you’re looking for Dak Prescott, not plovers.)

Milky Treats


Courtesy of Milky Treats Facebook

So there’s this new place sandwiched between a Mooyah and a dry cleaners. Why don’t you drive down there and try some unicorn brownie ice cream, sandwiched between the donut of your choice, sprinkled with fruity pebbles?  (Come on, do it for the ‘Gram.)

Want more unconventional ideals? We’ve got you covered, check out our first list here. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alexandra Cronin
Alexandra Cronin has been the senior editor at Local Profile since 2016. She loves great coffee, good food and average wine.



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