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Lorie Burch, 2018 Democratic Nominee for U.S. Congress in Texas’ Third Congressional District, formally announced her candidacy for 2020 on Sunday, January 27th via her campaign’s Facebook page.

In 2018, Burch and her campaign helped to set milestones in Collin County for new voter registrations and voter turnout. After winning a four-way race in the 2018 Democratic Primary, Burch received 44% of the vote in the November 6th General Election – the closest Congressional race that TX-3 has seen in decades. With spending levels at roughly a tenth of her opponent, voter turnout for Burch was the best in recent history by a candidate running on the Democratic ticket. Previously, Burch’s campaign accepted donations only from individuals and refused contributions from Political Action Committees. For 2020, Burch has maintained a commitment to this principle – stating, “Foremost, we will continue to represent the concerned citizens of our district, not PACS and special interest groups.”

Citing population growth and shifting demographics in Collin County, Burch and her team see victory on the horizon for 2020. Using the data collected in 2018, which included a greater than 25% increase in voter engagement during a midterm election, her team is prepared to reach more people in the district and make sure folks know that Lorie is the best choice to represent them in Washington.

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Burch has announced her candidacy five months earlier than she did in the 2018 campaign in an effort to build on the momentum of the last election. “In 2018, we experienced a wave of support as we approached Election Day. That support has not waned, and we have continued to see incredible engagement from concerned Collin County citizens well after the November election.”

Lorie Burch is a wife, mother, attorney, small business owner, and former National President of the American Business Women’s Association. In 2018, she received numerous endorsements for her experience in leadership and advocacy, from groups including The Human Rights Campaign, The National Organization for Women, and MoveOn. As the first woman ever to win the nomination of a major party for the U.S. House of Representatives in Texas’ Third Congressional District, she has demonstrated her commitment to community concerns and representing all people in her district. As Burch States, “Collin County citizens deserve one of us who represents all of us.”

To learn more about Lorie or connect with her campaign, visit: LorieBurchforCongress.com

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