It is with great sadness that we report the loss of one of the Plano Police K9’s, Dio. Dio passed away after a long illness and after retiring back in September.

Dio was a sable German Shepherd from the Czech Republic and started his tour of duty in August of 2015. During his career, he had 83 apprehensions/arrests and four physical apprehensions.

In honor of Dio, here is an interview published in our August 2018 edition of Plano Profile.  His owner, Officer Michael Atkins, helped translate his comments.

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Favorite part of the job?

Doing demos for the public … my fans can’t keep their hands off of me!

What do you do when you’re not working?

Lie around and relax. It’s all business at work … and nothing at home.

Most annoying habit?

I like to bark in the car while Dad, Officer Atkins, talks on the radio.

If you could be any dog for a day, who would it be?

Air Bud would be really cool or Scooby-Doo … or “The Beast” from Sandlot.

Most daring achievement (s)?

In the last year, I put 37 people in jail.

What makes you excited?

Seeing Dad put on his uniform; I know that means it’s time for work.

What rules have you broken?

At home, all of them. I like to dig up the sprinkler head. I “destroyed” the patio furniture. Dad says I’m destructive.

Three things you can’t live without?

Kong, my favorite toy; love and affection; going to work.

Catch phrase?

Let’s do this!

Theme song?

“Who Let the Dogs Out.” And, the Rocky theme song.

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The following obituary was published on the Facebook page of the Plano Texas Police Department:

Dio was nationally certified three years in a row in narcotics and during his career and never missed a find. He had a 100% certification rate in narcotics and was also nationally certified in patrol work. Dio was very social and enjoyed coming to work. He was brave and never backed down. Over his time, he was credited with locating several violent offenders and physically apprehending an aggravated robbery suspect that had just robbed a local motel at knife point and fled on foot but stopped by Dio.

This is a tough loss for his handler and the entire department. Dio and his handler will be recognized by the department for their service at an upcoming awards ceremony.

Aayushi Pramanik is a student at Williams College. When not working or studying economics and math, she enjoys dancing, singing, and taking countless photos with her camera.