A winter wonderWOW! Plano’s most elaborate Christmas light display


It’s a winter wonderWOW! There are two homes in south Plano that quiet literally outshine (well, almost) the famous Christmas lights at Deerfield, Plano this holiday season.

Located at Independence and Biscayne Dr. in Plano, between them these neighbors have it all: from fake snow to penguins on a sled and an adorable mini-carousel. There’s even a model railway that chugs it’s way around not one, but two, glittering, sparkling trains pulling a cargo of presents. One train is driven by Santa and the other by an elf.

winter wonderwow

According to one of the homeowners whom we bumped into when we went to ogle their display, her neighbor began putting up an increasingly elaborate Christmas lights display four decades ago, but it wasn’t until seven years ago, when she moved in next door, that it really started to sparkle out of control. Inspired and perhaps a little envious of her neighbor’s light display a friendly rivalry started to see who could outshine the other. Now, both homes are equally decked out and even the surrounding homes have started to join in the fun.

Biscayne drive, plano, holiday christmas lights, plano, texasHighlights of the Christmas lights at Biscayne Drive in Plano include:

  • Snoopy in a canoe, Snoopy ice-skating and another Snoopy perched atop a mailbox. As well as the entire Charlie Brown crew decked out in their festive best
  • A snowman who projects his own snow flurry (although you’ll only get to see this if the homeowner is around to turn it on for you.)
  • The biggest sparkliest (yes, we know this isn’t a real word) tree you may ever see
  • The aforementioned train circling two other trains
  • Santa and Mrs Claus cuddled up on a love seat
  • a Pegasus
  • a Cinderella carriage
  • Snowmen spinning in dodgem cars
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • Big Bird, Elmo and the Cookie Monster
  • And so much more!

biscayne drive, holiday christmas lights plano, texas

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There is also a request for donations for Minnie’s Food Pantry. Well-wishers are encouraged to donate cans and pantry goods and/or leave a monetary donation in a mini mail box festively labelled “North Pole.”

It’s a winter wonderWOW indeed and certainly worth a visit.

Aayushi Pramanik
Aayushi Pramanik is a sophomore at Williams College. When not working or studying economics and math, she enjoys dancing, singing, and taking countless photos with her camera.



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