murder mystery party, bulla gastrobar, legacy west, plano profile, true crime

There were five suspects and five weapons. But only one killer. Guests clambered to solve the mystery at Plano Profile’s August Cover Party, held at Bulla Gastrobar, Legacy West, in celebration of our True Crime issue.

murder mystery party, plano profile, legacy west, bulla gastrobar

Upon arrival, guests received cards to clue them in on one suspect and one weapon. How did they find out the other four? By questioning each other. When everyone has a piece of the puzzle, you have to trust each other. But to what extent?

Bulla’s servers acted out the roles of each suspect: the fireman, the photographer, the chef, the bartender, and the mobster. Each “suspect” was dressed in costume and situated throughout the restaurant doing their jobs. Guests who found them could interrogate them. Or just stop for a photo, a drink, or some delicious paella. There was even a crime scene recreated inside the restaurant, complete with a masking tape outline of a body, a collection of possible murder weapons, and a spattering of fake blood.

To quote Senior Editor Alex Cronin, “We like to party hard here at Plano Profile!”.

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august cover party, true crime, bulla gastrobar

It wasn’t all about the mystery though. Afterwards, guests stayed behind to enjoy the appetizers and the ambiance. The weather couldn’t have been nicer. The temperature was fair, and the breeze was pleasant. What a great day to be out on the patio, with a drink in hand (for those 21 and over, of course), and friends at your side.

The first 25 to solve the mystery may have left with a gift card for Bulla. However, everyone left with a full belly and the satisfaction of catching a killer, and then relaxing in good company.

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August Cover Party at Bulla Gastrobar

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Photos by Ronnie Blea and Aayushi Pramanik.

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