The 2018 season of American Idol premiered with two Collin County contestants: Harper Grace of McKinney and Ron Bultonguez from Plano. The following week saw the debut of another McKinney resident, Kristyn Harris. In total, American Idol featured 13 contestants from DFW alone.

Now, as American Idol gears up for their next season, they’re taking notice of Texas’ starpower and are bringing auditions to downtown Plano!

American Idol auditions will be held at the McCall Plaza in downtown Plano on Monday, September 3. So, if you fancy yourself as Plano’s next Ron Bultonguez, make sure you register now to get an audition time. Click here for details.

At Plano Profile, we have had the honor of interviewing both Ron Bultonguez and Harper Grace:

What to make of McKinney’s American Idol, Harper Grace

The night before she said yes to American Idol, Harper Grace spent four hours praying in her closet. American Idol was returning to television for a reboot with Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Harper had been offered an audition with the judges and a producer texted her, asking for her final answer. Though auditioning on American Idol had long been one of her dreams, now that it was in reach she hesitated.

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The Quickest Way to Save the World with Ron Bultongez

Ron Bultongez in downtown Plano. Photo by RB-2 Photography.

Between concerts, flights to New York and Los Angeles, his infant son, and impromptu coffeeshop performances, Ron Bultongez usually runs on three hours of sleep.

“People always say, ‘You never know with Ron,’” he says. “In two weeks, everything could change.’”

A self-taught musician, songwriter and aspiring star, Ron is rarely seen without a guitar slung over his back. He’s quick to sing if someone asks. In the two years he has been performing in and around Texas, Ron has gathered a group of loyal supporters and fans. But in the past two months, his career has taken a swift, steep climb.

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