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Harvest | By Cori Baker

The classic American square, downtown McKinney comes complete with southern manners. Whether it’s trying on sun hats and berets at Sharla’s, an authentic hattery—because there are still occasions for wide brims and roses—or wandering the enclaves of The Book Gallery for a new favorite, it’s easy to lose a day here.

Patina Green | By Brandon Hurd

For me, it’s impossible to be in McKinney and not end up at Patina Green Home and Market, whose recent remodel shows that even heaven has room to improve. But if cauliflower sandwiches aren’t your thing and you want some of the best pizza in the metroplex, you’ll find it, plus beer and live music at Cadillac Pizza Pub. Rick’s Chophouse and Harvest, two of the best restaurants, are right on the square, and none of this counts Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen, Eclair Bistro, Hug’s Café, Snug on the Square, or the sugary bliss of Emporium Pies and Savor Pâtisserie.

Browse Local Yocal for all your farm-raised groceries, shop clothes and jewelry at Doozie’s, Landry Kate and Wire We all Here, and discover home goods by the dozen at Birds & Words. If you don’t get to everything, spend a night at the Grand Hotel and Ballroom. You’ll want a break if you’re going to visit Tupps Brewery tomorrow for a weekend tour and tasting.


  • Drive time: 30 minutes
  • Population: 172,298
  • Best time to go: Spring and fall
  • Must see: Tupps Brewery
  • Be sure to pack: Southern manners
  • Avg. cost per night: $180

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