Baylor Scott and White Sports Therapy & Research has opened at The Star in Frisco.

My mother is a physical therapist, and often, she’s told me that she was treating someone younger, around my age, for a sports injury. I’m not sporty at all, so she would teasingly tell me, “I guess there’s some benefit to you not playing sports.”

But in all seriousness, sports injuries are no laughing matter. According to Stanford Children’s Health, children in the US are subject to a grand total of 3.5 million sports injuries every year. Sports contribute to 21 percent of all traumatic brain injuries among American children. The American Physical Therapy Association, or the APTA, states that across all age groups in the US, sports injuries top 8.6 million annually.

Baylor Scott and White wants to change that. Today, the health company is celebrating the grand opening of their new sports performance, research, and treatment complex. It’s called Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research and it features a 300,000 square foot, nine-story facility at The Star, in Frisco. If you haven’t already heard of The Star, it’s home to the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters. How neat! It’s also where students from Frisco ISD play their games.

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The grand opening of Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research is being held on TurfZone, a half-length regulation NFL football field, where Baylor Scott and White, the Dallas Cowboys, and Frisco ISD leaders will speak about making Texas a safer place to play sports. Frisco ISD students will cut the ribbon on the new facility.

Baylor Scott & White is bringing athletes in North Texas a wide range of advanced technology with the new center. This includes Fusionetics®, which is designed to help athletes understand, monitor, and improve their performance.

“This relationship with Baylor Scott & White is truly one of the most imaginative concepts in the world, not just the United States…we’re interested in making the sport safer, and this building is where it will happen,” says Jerry Jones, Sr., owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

We’re so excited to have Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research here in Frisco. Frisco Mayor Cheney said it best when he said, “We are proud to wear the label of the Best Place to Raise an Athlete in the city of Frisco. But today I’m even more proud to add a new label, which is a safe place to raise an athlete.”

Visit the Baylor Scott and White website for more information.

Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research

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Vaibhavi Hemasundar

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