The Amerson family loves living room dance parties, Minions from Despicable Me, and late night ice cream runs. There are LEGOS on the floor, the living room table is sticky and there are paw prints on the sofa,” Ryan Amerson laughs. “We love hard and forgive fast.”

Ryan and his wife, Tiffany, have been married for over ten years and have three kids: Dylan, Taryn and Lauryn.

They believe a healthy home is a happy home. It’s a philosophy they’ve built their lifeand their businesson.

Ryan founded Energy Attic in 2005 with the mission to do what is right, love people and work humbly. “We strive to live by Galatians 6:10: ‘ … while we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people,’” Ryan says. Over the last decade, their commitment to putting people first has resulted in a ten-fold increase in business; the company now has nine full-time employees and over 15 installers.

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“By combining Radiant Barrier, Attic Insulation and Ventilation we reduce energy usage and we create a more comfortable and consistent living space. We’ve been doing it for more than 12 years, and our systems can pay for themselves in three to five years.”

While in the past, Ryan has focused on the energy savings their attic upgrades provide, he’s recently decided to focus on creating healthy homesit’s what he’s most passionate about.

“Your attic contributes to the comfort, energy usage and air quality of your home,” Ryan says. In essence, if your attic is healthy so is your home environment.

“Our business has turned to focus more on the air quality side; we do more insulation removal and replacement now than ever,” Ryan says. “We’ve found that if you remove all of the old (and possibly harmful) materials from the attic, you can dramatically improve the air quality in the home. We remove old dusty insulation, sanitize, deodorize, foam-seal cracks and crevices and install new dust-free formaldehyde-free insulation. We’ve seen the benefits and they’re life-changing!”

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At the Amerson home, a plaque hangs above the fireplace. “If you want to make a difference in the world, go home and love your family,” it reads.

“Home means a lot of things to a lot of different people,” Ryan explains. “To us, it’s where real life happens and you give to the things that are most important to you. A comfortable home—a healthy home—with good air quality and low energy bills is the kind of place everyone has a chance to make a difference.”

Energy Attic, Plano

811 E Plano Pkwy Suite 120
Plano TX 75074


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