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It’s an election year, and here at Plano Profile we strive to connect our community; part of that is helping educate the community and giving candidates a platform to address the community.

All of the following opinions are that of the candidate, not Plano Profile. Any and all candidates have the opportunity to fill out our questionnaire to be published on our website, contact us at for more information.

Meet Medrick Yhap who is running for U.S. Congress, Texas 3rd District. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

I have been a Collin County resident for 16 years. I have earned a MBA, I am a father of two, a college and a high school student.  I began my career serving the public as a Former Dallas Police Officer and I am now in the private sector.  

Why are you running for office?

There was a time when public service was respected, taken seriously and the public good was served. Today, public service is misunderstood causing serious political upheavals, going from one artificial crisis to another. Our representatives represent their donors and special interests.

Our voices have become diminished and we the people are ignored. It is time for “we the people” to be represented again. I will uphold integrity in the office, represent the families and communities of the district and focus on issues that are relevant to my constituency. I will ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear. Together we will work towards solutions to benefit all people. I will uphold integrity in the office, represent the families and communities of the district and focus on issues that are relevant to my constituency. I will ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear. Together we will work towards solutions to benefit all Americans.

What makes you the most qualified person for this position?

For far too long we have suffered from inadequate representation. I say enough! We deserve proper consideration. Our concerns must be addressed.

We demand to live in a fair and just society. It is essential we push forward; instead of deteriorating. Fair wages, affordable education, access to healthcare, racial and gender equality, reasonable immigration policies, protections in the workplace, safe communities are paramount to our national security. Without such we are divided.

Our country is an economic powerhouse with vast interests worldwide. We cannot afford to isolate ourselves. We must remain engaged to continue in our leadership role, enhance our standing and to bring meaningful change. It is crucial to open new markets for our goods, products and services for America to thrive.

As your representative and public servant, I will listen to and represent you and bring solutions. America must be united.

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What issues are your top priorities? Name three.

Health CareIt should go without saying that a strong society requires well educated, healthy citizens and to take health care off the table will do more harm than good. Recently, there was a report of a young North Texas School Teacher dying from the flu because of a $116 copay. There are many Americans in this same boat, where they are not able to either go to the doctor and or afford the medications prescribed. I support a robust and affordable universal health care system to ensure that Americans are healthy, in order to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Education – Our education system should be globally competitive and our students need to keep up with the technology advancements for us to remain competitive in the global marketplace. We must work to ensure that our students are provided a safe environment to foster learning and to excel. Higher education is for many, out of reach and affording higher education have created a silent debt crisis. Student Loan payments is the second highest expense for college graduates after rent or mortgage and the problem continues unabated.

I will work to make community colleges free to attend, fund universities and colleges so that it becomes affordable for all who wish to attend.     

Cyber Security – Most Americans essentially live in cyberspace. We work, shop, bank and socialize within these platforms. Cyberspace must be given the same level (or higher) of scrutiny and security than the physical offerings. This is a matter of national security.

Countries as small as N. Korea have the power to attack our electrical and water grids using malware and viruses. Both Republican and Democratic Parties were hacked, but only one party’s data was released. We cannot afford leakage of classified information.

Accommodations must be made to resolve issues in real-time due to dynamic nature of the internet. We must protect citizens and government.

What changes would you implement and how?

Another of the priorities that have been in and out of the news, however need to be recognized and addressed and that is the issue if gun safety. Recently, yet another incident occurred that underscores how vulnerable we are and that is the Florida school shooting incident. It is time for America to address the issue of gun violence. I will work on enforcing the existing laws that are currently on the books, repealing laws such as CCW reciprocity and addressing the issue of military style weapons on our streets.

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What factors in your life have shaped your beliefs?

There are many factors and life experience that shaped my beliefs. From my upbringing to be someone who values fairness and justice to name a few, my religious learnings, my formal education which taught me to think critically and work steadfastly to desired outcomes, professional experiences which includes problem solving with the appropriate solutions whether it’s on the streets as a police officer or as a software engineer and finally supporting my own family.

What do you believe should be the function of government?

The purpose of the federal government is to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

I believe then that government have a role in providing affordable education, healthcare, protection (physical and in cybersecurity), social safety nets such as Social Security and Medicare etc., for all Americans.

Government for the people, should be responsive to the people. There are limitations to the arguments for limited government, we are already maximizing opportunities, enterprise and creativity, we are maximizing the market forces to benefits us and our children. However, there are flaws in market forces, not all are presented with the same or similar opportunities. Where the Market forces fail, government should step in. Where there is an unusual advantage being afforded to one over the other, government should step in to promote justice. Where unfairness and inequality exits, government should step in because this is the role of government.

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