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It’s an election year, and here at Plano Profile we strive to connect our community; part of that is helping educate the community and giving candidates a platform to address the community.

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Meet Mike Curran for 219th Judicial District Court of Collin County, Texas as a conservative republicans.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Hired as a Prosecutor in the Collin County District Attorneys Office in 1983. After leaving the
District Attorney’s Office started my own Law Firm.

In the interim I have been a lecturer for the Texas District and County Attorneys Association, adjunct professor at Collin College, lecturer for the Justice of the Peace and Constables Association program run by Southwest Texas State University (1992-1998), adjunct Mental Health Judge, and founding member of Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Single Parent of two children who attended all 12 years at McKinney Christian Academy.

Why are you running for office?

To bring professionalism and fiscal accountability back to the bench of the 219th District
Court. The current Judge of the 219th District Court has a history of making decisions that defy
logic, including the appointment of special prosecutors in the Ken Paxton case where he agreed
to pay the prosecutors a rate of $300.00 per hour in spite of Article 2.07 of the Texas Code of
Criminal Procedure setting the rate for special prosecutors at the same rate Collin County pays
for indigent defense representation. That rate schedule was approved by, and has the
signature of, Judge Scott Becker.

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What makes you the most qualified person for this position?

I have 34 years of legal experience practicing in Collin County, Texas. I am the only
candidate for this position that has extensive trial experience as an Attorney in Criminal, Civil
and Family Law. One candidate has no Criminal experience whatsoever, another has no
Family experience and the incumbent had no Family of Civil courtroom experience before
becoming Judge.

What issues are your top priorities? Name three.

a) Professionalism and integrity to the bench
b) Reduce the time people are in Jail pending trial. Saving taxpayers thousands of dollars
housing inmates awaiting trial
c) Reducing the size of the Family Law docket

What changes would you implement and how?

Would change how the Criminal and Family Docket is currently handled to reduce the current
backlog. Strive to improve the current Judicial Rating for the 219th in the Collin County Bar Poll.

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What factors in your life have shaped your beliefs?

I lost my Father when I was 12 years old and it was difficult for my Mother to cope with his
death. My brother and I grew up with meager financial resources and support. He is a very
successful Doctor and I have had a successful Law Practice. Everything we accomplished was
on our own. This life experience helped me when I became a single parent when my children
were 6 and 9 years old and gave me the strength to raise them to graduate from MCA and for
both to receive academic scholarships to the University of Arkansas and turn into incredible

What do you believe should be the function of government?

Limited government. Protection of the People. Limited taxation.

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