Love, like the moon, has a dark side. Some love affairs end in fire and others in ice, but when a twosome becomes a lonesome, we all find ourselves in need of comfort. Dude, Sweet Chocolate in Historic Downtown Plano has just the thing.

DFW’s most dangerous chocolatier, Katherine Clapner, offers Break-Up Potion, a mysterious dessert elixir for the broken-hearted. She begins with an agave nectar base and then swirls in a heavy dose of bourbon from Breckenridge Distillery, the highest-altitude distillery in the world. Made from mineral-rich Rocky Mountain snowmelt water, this Colorado bourbon embodies a lone wolf howling in the wilderness and grants Break-Up Potion its warm, honeyed finish.

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Finally, 72 percent mixed-origin South American dark chocolate and Valrhona cocoa powder—pure, sustainable chocolate grown in Peru’s fertile soil—infuse the potion with its true power.

A single beautiful teaspoon of Break-Up Potion overwhelms the senses, baptising the mind in quiet, cocoa reverence that whispers of better times to come. It smothers the tongue with flavor deep as a cavern: not a cheap indulgence but a rich, full-bodied thrill. It’s sure to sweeten even the most bitter mood.

Do not refrigerate.


  • Chocolate Martini: three parts cheap vodka, one part potion, one part broken heart
  • One cup of coffee with the final droop of whipped cream from an empty canister
  • An entire pecan pie, eaten in one shameful night and hidden in the neighbor’s garbage can
  • The last of the ice cream your significant other forgot when they left with their toothbrush and your joy

Dude, Sweet Chocolate | 1016 E. 15th St., Plano | 972.424.6200 |

Originally published in Plano Profile’s February 2018 issue.

Alexandra Cronin

Alexandra Cronin is Local Profile's senior editor. She has been with the company since 2016. She loves great coffee, good food, and average wine.