Love, like the moon, has a dark side. Some love affairs end in fire and others in ice, but when a twosome becomes a lonesome, we all find ourselves in need of comfort. Dude, Sweet Chocolate in Historic Downtown Plano has just the thing.

DFW’s most dangerous chocolatier, Katherine Clapner, offers Break-Up Potion, a mysterious dessert elixir for the broken-hearted. She begins with an agave nectar base and then swirls in a heavy dose of bourbon from Breckenridge Distillery, the highest-altitude distillery in the world. Made from mineral-rich Rocky Mountain snowmelt water, this Colorado bourbon embodies a lone wolf howling in the wilderness and grants Break-Up Potion its warm, honeyed finish.

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Finally, 72 percent mixed-origin South American dark chocolate and Valrhona cocoa powder—pure, sustainable chocolate grown in Peru’s fertile soil—infuse the potion with its true power.

A single beautiful teaspoon of Break-Up Potion overwhelms the senses, baptising the mind in quiet, cocoa reverence that whispers of better times to come. It smothers the tongue with flavor deep as a cavern: not a cheap indulgence but a rich, full-bodied thrill. It’s sure to sweeten even the most bitter mood.

Do not refrigerate.


  • Chocolate Martini: three parts cheap vodka, one part potion, one part broken heart
  • One cup of coffee with the final droop of whipped cream from an empty canister
  • An entire pecan pie, eaten in one shameful night and hidden in the neighbor’s garbage can
  • The last of the ice cream your significant other forgot when they left with their toothbrush and your joy

Dude, Sweet Chocolate | 1016 E. 15th St., Plano | 972.424.6200 |

Originally published in Plano Profile’s February 2018 issue.