McKinney, Texas, is a magical place. Home to some amazing restaurants, a blossoming farm-to-table movement and Nature Nates honey, they are also home to Fusion Teas, tea connoisseurs who sell over 100 varieties of loose-leaf teas and tisanes.

When life’s moving fast and the world won’t stop, it’s vital to take a breath and find peace in the chaos. When things seem out of hand, there’s nothing than the immediate warmth and tranquility that surges through your body when sipping a freshly brewed tea. There’s just something about the way a warm mug fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and the steam rising with floral aromas that immediately calms the senses. You deserve those moments of clarity. After all, the key to success starts with a solid self-love routine, and Fusion Teas aims to help you achieve a healthy tea-drinking routine. 

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Fusion Teas in Mckinney is passionate about sharing the benefits of tea and helping their clientele create healthy, daily, tea drinking habits.

Founded by Thomas and Theann Egbert in April of 2010, Fusion Teas offers high-quality loose leaf tea at an affordable price. Starting off with just the basics, Thomas and Theann have since studied the complexities of the tea industry, from the growth process to the manufacturing process all the way to pouring it in your mug, and have expanded their business and knowledge of all things tea to ensure Fusion Teas offers up only the best. They focus on creating unique and awe-inspiring blends, not just “trendy teas”, teas that leave you feeling relaxed from the first whiff, to the first sip, all the way to the bottom of the mug.  

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Fusion Teas started off with herbal teas and gained a lot of popularity for their hibiscus blends, and over the past few years they have expanded their collection to include a large variety of teas.  They offer black teas, green teas, oolong teas, white teas, yerba matés, rooibos, tulsis, herbals, and fruit tisanes. Whatever your palate is craving, Fusion Teas will deliver with a perfectly curated blend that will stimulate your senses and create calmness and clarity at the same time.

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You can stop by their shop in Mckinney, visit them at local weekend markets, and even buy their many varieties of loose leaf teas online! Whether you’re looking to shop by tea type, tea flavor, overall popularity, or by health benefits, the Egbert’s have made tea shopping easy for all consumers. They believe that everyone should enjoy the benefits of warm, soothing, tea everyday- not just when you’re sick! 

Sit back and sip on one of Fusion Tea’s unique tea blends and reflect on the simple things in life that bring such joy!

Fusion Teas, McKinney

1918 University Business Dr #513
McKinney, TX 75071
 (972) 372-4832