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You may recognize the iconic Lucchese Boots from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, or from a number of their famous customers including, former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Presidents of the United States, George H. W. Bush and Lyndon B. Johnson, as well as actors like John Wayne and Zsa Zsa Gabor. Lucchese Boots may be new to Frisco but the Italian-American boot making company has been hand making boots in Texas since 1883!

Lucchese Boots: A brief history

Custom Lucchese Boots. Image courtesy of Lucchese on Instagram

Salvatore Lucchese, founder of Lucchese, was born in Palermo, Sicily, Italy and emigrated to Texas by ship in 1882. The following year, with help from his brothers, Salvatore opened a bootmaking shop that is still thriving today! Known for his attention to detail and love of learning, Salvatore was always up to date with the latest machinery, ensuring his creations were the best they could be.

In 1929, Salvatore passed away leaving his bootmaking legacy to his children to carry on, and carry on they did! Cosimo Lucchese incorporated the Lucchese Boot Company that year. In 1949, Acme Boot Company commissioned Lucchese to create a collection of “state boots” for an advertising campaign. It took Lucchese four years to complete the original collection paying impeccable attention to details and accurately depicting each individual State’s accurate colors for their flag, their capital, their bird, and their unique commodities. From there, Lucchese’s popularity continued to flourish attracting customers from all walks of life, from all over the world, wanting a custom pair of hand stitched Lucchese boots!

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The time-honored craftsmanship of Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boots at The Star in Frisco features a variety of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. The bootmakers still use the same techniques and time-honored craftsmanship principles that were being used in 1883, using only the finest and softest of leathers and materials. Each individual boot is a true work of artisanal perfection!

“Burning off stray threads for a clean finish.” Image courtesy of Lucchese Boots on Facebook

Two things that make Lucchese extremely distinctive is their use of Lemonwood pegs and their hand-stitching. Lemonwood pegs are carefully hammered into the leather and expand and contract with moisture at the same rate that leather does, unlike brass nails, another material more commonly used. The use of Lemonwood pegs is a very old world method that helps hold the structure of the boot together. Hand-stitching requires time and patience, and the Lucchese artisans have a lot of experience in creating beautiful vibrant and classic patterns. Each comfortable pair is handmade and designed with utmost quality and care using centuries-old mastery guaranteeing excellence.

When purchasing a pair of boots from Lucchese you are purchasing a piece of history. Head over to The Star in Frisco and get measured for your very own custom pair of Lucchese Boots!

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