We live in beef country. So naturally the food scene in Texas is saturated with burgers. This isn’t a criticism, by the way, but high praise. I love burgers as much as the next born-and-raised Texas girl, so I’ll throw down $15 for a burger with gruyere cheese, crimini mushrooms and a hunk of onion ring as wide as a hoof–here’s looking at you, Whiskey Cake. And as for those alternative burgers made of seared Ahi tuna and sprinkled with mango pico de gallo—I’ll throw down $20 happily.

But still, nothing beats a simple burger: the beef, cheese and pickle piece of paradise that costs you less than $10 and comes wrapped in paper. You eat this kind of burger in plastic diner booths with such gusto you can barely taste the grease that lovingly soaks into that soft white bun. The diner burger, the old fashioned, the classic burger: this is the Rosetta stone of burgers, forever the best. 

These are 10 Plano burgers under $10.

JC’s Burgers

Ordered “all the way.” A ¼ lb patty with mayo, mustard, red onion, pickle, tomato and lettuce. $4.39

2919 W. 15th St., Plano | 972.612.2121 | jcsburgerhouse.com

Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar

Snuffer’s Classic. A ¼ lb patty with the classic toppings. Snuffer’s Plano, we missed you and your Original Cheddar Fries. Welcome back. $6.99

4901 W Park Blvd. #521, Plano | 972.372.0782 | snuffers.com

Ye Ole Butcher Shop

Butcher Burger. All the way with cheese. Bison burgers also offered. $5.19

811 E. 15th St., Plano | 972.423.1848 | yeolebutchershop.com

Olive Burger

The Burger. A ½ lb beef patty with lettuce, tomato, onions & pickles. Add jalapeno ketchup at will. $5.45

(Try the Olive Cheese Burger with sautéed onions & olives. We aren’t kidding.)

2129 W. Parker Rd. #301, Plano | 972.479.9722 | oliveburgerllc.com

Courtesy of olive burger website

Kenny’s Burger Joint

Zed’s Straight Up. A ½ lb patty with the classic toppings. Get a side of bacon-wrapped jalapeños.  $6.99

5809 Preston Rd., #588, Plano | 972.378.0999 $ II 1377 Legacy Dr., #120, Frisco I 214.618.8001 | kennysburgerjoint.com

Courtesy of kenny’s facebook page

Jimmy’s Big Burgers

Cheeseburger. A ½ pounder with American cheese. $5.45

3611 14th St., Plano | 972.423.2611 | jimmybigburgers.com

Chips Old Fashioned Hamburgers

A ⅓ lb patty with the usual suspects on a poppy seed bun. $4.99

5840-5876 TX-121, Plano | 214.297.2323 | chips-hamburgers.com

Courtesy of chip’s facebook

Country Burger

The original Country burger. A ⅓ lb patty with mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. Easily doubled or tripled. $4.85

3115 Parker Rd., Plano | 972.422.5092 || 1700 14th St., Plano | 972.423.2210 | countryburgertx.com

Dugg Burger

A Dugg burger is a little more expensive. But the price includes as many toppings as you want, even all 13. Bacon comes at no extra charge. $7.95

4701 W. Park Blvd., #110, Plano | 972.964.3844 | duggburger.com

Scotty P’s

Scotty P’s Original. The usual toppings in a counter-serve environment. $6.49

2929 Custer Rd. #300, Plano | 972.398.9595 | scottyps.com