Jasper’s, a chef-driven concept famous for their Blue Cheese Chips and Big Daddy Martini, is one of those places that everyone likes. They serve “gourmet backyard cuisine,” and they don’t skimp on flavor. Jasper’s is a good place to be after a long week.

All photos by cori baker

Alongside their greatest hits they also have seasonal menu options. They’re summer specials are available for just one more week and if you haven’t tried them, now’s your chance.

The heirloom tomato and feta salad blooms with color. Fresh and simple, the taste of the multi-colored tomatoes stars here, complemented by a drizzle of balsamic, pesto and pickled red onion.

Smoked Peach Bruschetta is similarly well done, bite-sized and easily shared. The delicate flavor of the peaches are matched by goat cheese and intriguing honey-balsamic drizzle.

However, whatever you do, try the Pulled Pork empanadas, dusted with cojita cheese and served with a side of chimichurri sauce for easy dunking. Golden and warm, these are absolutely addictive. In fact, order a couple of plates.

Their summer entree is a reinvention of their rotisserie chicken, slathered in a heavy, sweet Shiner Bock barbecue sauce is tender down to the bone. It’s home-style in the best way on a bed of divine bacon cheddar grits.

As for dessert, the Brown Sugar Bundt comes with crumbled candied bacon, served warm, about the size of a cupcake. Cherry Limemade Pie is a surprising blend of tart flavors with a swiss meringue. The decadent Butterfinger Crème Brûlée comes with a homemade butterfinger on top.

But the best has to be the Cast Iron Strawberry Tartlette. It’s strange how good this simple dessert is. It tastes like sweet summer sunshine, topped with Henry’s Homemade vanilla ice cream.

Though we’ll miss the summer menu we can’t wait to see what Jasper’s serves up this fall.