Work has already started on the first of the murals to be painted in the Downtown Plano Arts District. Located on the west-facing wall of Georgia’s Farmers’ Market, the mural will incorporate historical elements inspired by Plano’s past and is by North Texas artist Will Heron.

The Historic Downtown Plano Association launched the Downtown Mural Project earlier this year in partnership with Plano Art Association. Made possible by a grant from the Plano Heritage Commission, the goal of the project is to use visual art to celebrate the city’s history. Residents submitted their own historical photos of Plano to be used in the design of the murals.

“When we saw this mural design, we knew it was a great fit for this project,” said Gene Dillard, President of the Plano Art Association. “It’s bright, colorful and unique- all while pulling in key pieces of Plano’s history. I am looking forward to seeing how it adds even more character to the arts district.”

The mural is split into five columns, each a different color and focusing on different elements from the Plano residents’ submitted photos: a cactus, a windmill, cotton, a water tower, and a train. Heron, the artist, has designed and worked on several other murals in the DFW area since founding the art collective WHERON.

“The Downtown Mural Project perfectly blends together the historic aspect of Downtown Plano with its recent designation as our city’s arts district,” said Harold Sickler, chair of the Plano Heritage Commission. “The murals will be a beautiful addition to the area as well as an exciting way to commemorate Plano’s rich history.”

Designs are under review for the other two Downtown Plano murals. Artists will begin working on those in the coming months.

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