Earls Kitchen + Bar has finally opened at Legacy West in Plano. Though it began in 1982 as a friendly burger and beer joint, the Earls’ of today brings upscale zest to the blossoming development in Plano while retaining an easygoing atmosphere.

Earls menu offers a sampling of diverse cuisines to suit almost everyone’s taste. From appetizers, the Avocado Super Toast delivers surprising kick with sriracha-infused mashed avocados on a grilled baguette, generously sprinkled with hemp seeds and decked out in juicy baby tomatoes.

For a touch of decadence, the Truffle Fries are a must. The rich and crisp fries steeped in the earthy zing of black truffles and paired with an aioli is a treat for all the senses.

Photo by Jordan Jarrett

Earls also offers an adventurous sushi selection, featuring a Dragon Roll of soy-marinated ahi tuna combined with avocado, yam and tamago, and topped with delicate tobiko.

Guest can enjoy an array of entrées as diverse as the appetizers. The king Blue Cheese Filet stands out among the steak selections. Velvety-tender, the 6 oz. fillet is topped with just the right amount of bleu cheese to complement rather than overpower the other flavors.

However, the most unique of entrées is perhaps the Bibimbap. This Korean specialty consists of rice, shrimp, assorted veggies and a poached egg served bathed in sesame chili sauce. It is served in a stone bowl that’s so hot, the heat radiates to your face when it’s served up. The bowl continues cooking the mix for about a minute and adds a touch of crunch to the meal.

Photo by Cori Baker

For dessert is the Sticky Toffee Pudding, a lavish little chocolate cake glazed generously with chocolate and toffee sauces. Once you dig in, you’ll discover a rich, molten center that earns the dessert’s name and fame.

Photo by Cori Baker

Earls offers an array of drinks that are as fun to look at as they are to sip. The Earls Old Fashioned consists of Maker’s Mark bourbon, Demerara sugars and rootbeer bitters that give the signature drink a rich and slightly spicy flavor with an oaky presence but zesty kick.

A refreshing non-alcoholic drink that Earls offers is the Little Cuban, a virgin mojito made with fresh lime, soda and mint.

Photo by Jordan Jarrett
Photo by Cori Baker
Photo by Cori Baker



  • Monday 11 a.m. – 11:00pm
  • Tuesday-Thursday 11 a.m. – 12 am
  • Friday-Saturday 11:00am – 1:00am
  • Sunday 10:00am – 11:00pm

Where: 7401 Windrose Ave., Ste. D100, Plano

Reservations accepted: 469-969-2490

*Special occasion, group and corporate events welcome.

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