All photos by cori baker

It’s one of the best days of the year: National Margarita Day. As sultry and sophisticated as tequila, Mexican Sugar is the best place to celebrate. Tequila is the up-and-comer in the liquor world as more and more people discover just how good–and how variable–it can be.

There’s no better place to learn than at the bar of Mexican Sugar, under the guidance of the knowledgeable waitstaff and a tequila library of more than 150 fine tequilas and 40 premium mezcals, either sipped as part of a flight with a cinnamon-dusted orange slice, or swirled up in craft cocktails with house-infused mixers, fresh squeezed citrus and bottled sodas. From the salsa, which is roasted for six hours before it arrives at the table, to the iberico ham imported straight from Spain, everything is as fresh and as authentic as it can possibly be.

In preparation for Margarita Day, we tried Mexican Sugar’s special margarita flight showcasing their signature favorites.

The flight includes three of Mexican Sugar’s best margaritas: Hibiscus Margarita with reposado, infused-hibiscus water, simple syrup, lime and orange liqueur; Smoked Pineapple Margarita with blanco tequila, mezcal, pineapple, lime, agave and combier; and the Classic Margarita with blanco tequila, lime, simple and combier.

The Hibiscus Margarita earned Mexican Sugar some early fame in their opening days and it still lives up to its reputation. A bold shade of purple and topped with a hibiscus blossom, it’s surprisingly delicate.

Smoked Pineapple is its bold and intense sibling, with a smoky flavor from mezcal and from smoked salt on the side.

Classic Margaritas won’t ever go out of style and Mexican Sugar’s is exactly what it needs to be, easy, smooth and tangy.

We also tried a flight of straight tequila to learn a little more about what we were drinking, a clear silver Reposado, a golden Añejo and Sangrita, a palette cleanser.

Proper tasting technique, explained expertly by our waiter Juan–sniff, sip, exhale–pairs tequila not with lime and salt which overpower the flavors, but with cinnamon and orange to compliment the delicate flavors and warm spice.

Reposado, found in the Hibiscus Margarita, has a relatively short aging process compared to other tequilas with a subtle straw-like color. It most cleanly expresses agave’s flavor, ringing as clear as a bell.

Añejo is even smoother, with layers of vanilla and caramel from a long aging period in the barrel. Compared to Reposado, Añejo is even warmer, almost sweeter with even more warm spice.

A palette cleanser, Sangrita is a little reminiscent of a Bloody Mary, though it is traditionally made without tomato juice. It’s an easy sipper that’s been served side by side with fine tequila for over a century.

If you’d like to learn a little more about tasting tequila, Mexican Sugar offers awesome tasting classes in their private rooms, as well as cocktail classes. Visit and ask questions, take a chance on a sipping tequila. An expert pairing can be found for just about everything on the menu, from ceviche to the dangerously good Chocolate Avocado Cake.

If it’s the margarita flight you’re after, stop by today to savor three of the most amazing margaritas in town in one go, from the Classic to Hibiscus to Smoked Pineapple. You’ve never tasted tequila like this before. Happy margarita day!

Mexican Sugar

Where: Shops at Legacy | 7501 Lone Star Dr., Ste. B150, Plano, Texas 75024