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New cardiac cath lab will enable life-saving intervention for heart attacks

It’s no coincidence that Medical City Frisco doctors chose the day recognized with a heart to open the new cardiac catheterization lab, or cath lab. A cath lab is equipped with highly specialized diagnostic imaging equipment used to visualize the heart and treat a variety of abnormalities quickly.

The cath lab will enable emergency crews to bring heart attack patients directly to Medical City of Frisco for immediate treatment, for the first time.

Every second counts for people suffering from a severe cardiac episode, such as a heart attack.  The faster patients can get access to life-saving interventions, the greater the chances of survival and maximum recovery with minimal heart damage.

“Giving the Frisco community, quick and immediate access to the latest advance technology for treating heart attacks is putting our mission to save lives in motion,” said Charles Gressle, CEO of Medical City Frisco.  “Our cath lab will be a powerful community medical resource and will save thousands of lives.”

A cath lab is a designated room with dedicated, special diagnostic imaging equipment that allows interventional cardiologists to diagnose and treat coronary artery disease through guiding catheters or devices to the heart’s chambers or arteries.  Heart procedures performed in a cath lab are often less invasive with a shorter recovery.

Marc Krock, MD, is medical director for Medical City Frisco Catheterization Laboratory Services.

The dedication ceremony is planned for Tuesday, February 14.

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