SVP/COO of InTouch Credit Union is on a mission to end breast cancer forever—wearing a ridiculous pink wig

This October, the Plano offices of InTouch Credit Union are bracing themselves for a spate of kidnappings…there’s rumors that branch managers will be held to ransom!

As a Komen BigWig, Kathy Jumper is committed to raising $1,000 and intends to have fun doing it. “I thought we’d do something really fun to engage the whole credit union in the fundraising like tying leadership [branch managers] up with a pink boa and pink handcuffs and keeping them chained to the front door until they raise $250.”

But it doesn’t end there, as a high-flying executive, with a sense of fun, Kathy intends to wear her wig whenever she can. “I’m going to hit it really hard for this great cause.”  

Where does this passion stem from? “I’ll always remember the first time I heard the words breast cancer.” Kathy said. “It was when my best friend in high school told me her mom had breast cancer. At that time, my mom couldn’t even explain what it was. I later learned that if she had had the knowledge and access to the outreach programs we have today, it would have made an impact on her diagnosis.” Proof that global initiatives, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, education and early detection schemes, really work.

The 2nd annual BigWig program by the Susan G. Komen North Texas foundation started on September 15 and will run through October 31. Kathy is just one of 10 BigWigs who have committed to raising awareness and money by prancing about in pink wigs. Kathy’s fellow BigWigs include Rusty Smith, VP/GM, Neiman Marcus Willow Bend;  Paul Sander, Partner In Charge – Collin County Office, Strasburger & Price, LLC;  John Palms, Chairman/President/CEO, Bibbentuckers The Dry Cleaner; Telvin Jeffries, Founder/CEO, Careergistics; Stephanie Roberts, Branch Manager, Morgan Stanley; Pamela Mims, Director of Sales & Catering, Cambria Hotel & Suites and Barb Barton Weiszhaar, Head of Tax, HP Inc.

BigWig or not, this November, everyone can unite with the Susan G. Komen North Texas foundation in their mission to save lives and end breast cancer forever by participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-day, 60-mile journey. A nationwide event, which has already raised more than $800 million, the DFW race will start at Plano’s Collin Creek Mall and end at Fair Park in Dallas. Find out more at  

Rebecca Silvestri

Rebecca Silvestri is the vice president of Sales & Marketing. She is also the wife of Philip Silvestri, publisher of Local Profile. In a previous life, Rebecca was a math teacher in London and the...