Plano’s most famous police officer is without a doubt Arthur Parker, fondly known as “OP” in the community. He was named Plano Police Department’s 2015 Officer of the Year last May. He was celebrated with a pep rally thrown by Clark High School students who were all willing to attest that their school resource officer was worthy of the award with his selfless acts of service, harmonica skills and balloon animals. With various civil servants and his family there with him, Officer Parker was honored by the students and faculty that he protects. He was actually the first school resource officer in Plano ever to be honored with the award.

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OP’s balloon animals, unusual flare for traffic directing and good attitude has made him so popular he actually has his own fanpage on Facebook which has this to say on Parker: “Known for memorizing all the names of the students at whatever school in which he’s working, he makes students feel special by calling them by name. His impromptu raps, dances, harmonica solos, and balloon animals will put a smile on your face. He always has a smile and great attitude, and is an inspiration as well as a role model.”

Last week, OP went viral again by escorting a family through the Main Event parking lot to their car, which was posted online by Olga Foster, who said, “Thank you to the Plano Police Officer who escorted us to our car out of Main Event at midnight! He played the harmonica and used his flashlight as a drum! Thank YOU!!!! Highlight of our trip!” See the video below: