Wallethub.com has named Plano one of the best places for veterans to call home. WalletHub’s analysts compared 100 of the most populated U.S. cities across four key dimensions: 1) Employment, 2) Economy, 3) Quality of Life and 4) Health. The dimensions were measures with 21 key metrics, ranging from “percentage of military skill-related jobs” to “housing affordability” to “availability of VA health facilities.” Plano ranked 4th overall.

According to the Wallethub.com report, Plano has the lowest unemployment rate among veterans, as well as the lowest percentage of veterans living in poverty. Plano also ranked high in categories including veteran income, housing affordability, educational opportunities and low crime rate.

Wallethub took into account the factors that most require attention from various levels of government, since benefits for veterans are not always evenly distributed across cities. For example. they report that despite a $10 billion effort to expand veterans’ access to mental-health professionals, veterans in many cities still must wait too long. 115 days is the average in Phoenix. Thousands this year also lost their GI Bill education benefits as a result of for-profit school closures.

Here are Plano’s rankings out of the 100 cities:

  • Plano, TX: 4th overall
  • Overall score: 69.15
  • Jobs ranking: 11
  • Economy ranking: 19
  • Quality of life ranking: 12
  • Health ranking: 19

For more details on Wallethub’s methods and conclusions, visit wallethub.com