Super Chix is super into chicken. A new hot spot for lunch and dinner, Super Chix Richardson recently opened in CityLine to tremendous hype and popularity. Visitors can try a salad, a sandwich, or load up on chicken tenders with lots of sauces for dunking. Fries can be ordered with three signature seasonings: Salt, Rosemary & Black Pepper … and Signature Sweet. Super Chix boasts finest quality ingredients, four sauces (Cucumber Dill Ranch, Alabama White sauce, Mississippi Come Back Sauce and Nashville Hot Sauce), homemade custard and the “Last True Chicken Sandwich.”

We decided to test that theory.

Fried pickles

Super Chix is really proud of their pickles. They’re always chilled, no preservatives, and are brined for 38 days before being delivered whole. The fried pickles are thickly sliced and taste fresh, perfect with Cucumber Dill sauce.

Super chix’s fried pickles

Southwest Chicken Salad

The Southwest Chicken Salad is one of the healthier choices at Super Chix, showcasing their fresh vegetables, delivered every day. This is perfect for clean-eaters and comes with thick slices of avocado and cherry tomatoes. Guilt-free and flavorful.

Southwest chicken salad | super chix

The Chicken Sandwich

The Chicken Sandwich comes many ways, each featuring chicken that is marinated daily in the kitchen, then hand-breaded and cooked in 100% refined peanut oil. Simple with pickles is delicious, really showcasing the chicken at its best, probably the ideal way to get a classic Super Chix experience. It’s everything a chicken sandwich should be: simple, uncomplicated and done right.

The Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich adds plenty of kick, addictive and fiery. If you’re on the fence about the spiciness, grab Nashville Hot sauce on the side next time you get chicken tenders and try it out. It’s worth it.

For a lighter offering, try Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Ranch & Avocado, just as tender and just as flavorful. They don’t skimp on the bacon!

Nashville hot chicken sandwich | super chix

The Custard

Super Chix makes homemade custard. Every day there’s Chocolate and Vanilla, plus a changing flavor-of-the-day. The custard is thick and unbelievably creamy, the perfect finish to a good meal. Plus, if you eat in the restaurant, you can pay for the custard with your meal and come back later to pick it up.

Chocolate and vanilla custard | super chix

Super Chix is an awesome experience, wholesome, satisfying and fast. There are lots of chicken sandwiches in the word and the jury is out on who’ll have the last word. But Super Chix might be leading the race.

Richardson Super Chix

Hours: Daily | 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Where: 1551 East Renner Rd. Ste. 830 Richardson, TX 75082

Contact: 469.466.1500 |