Skratch, a new mobile app designed to connect young people with local gigs around their neighborhood, is now available for download and use in four Dallas zip codes – 75248, 75254, 75252, 75080 – with plans to expand in early 2017.

Building on the modern concept of the gig economy, the new app provides teenagers from ages 14 through 19 (“Skratchers”) with a way to earn money by completing everyday tasks in their area. Gigs on the app include dog walking, mother’s helper, sports tutor/coach, tech support and light yard work.

On the flip side, Skratch also provides local adults (“Seekers”) with an impactful way to check tasks off their to-do list. Adults age 20 and over can post gigs, offering kids in their neighborhood a positive way to spend their free time while learning important values such as accountability, dedication, hard work and the value of time and money.

Skratch works hard to ensure user safety by implementing the following measures:

  •  Sex offender screening for all users over age 17
  •  Unique Matching algorithm
  •  OTP verification
  •  Two-way rating system
  •  Phone verification
  •  Profile viability (Photo, name and contact through app)
  •  Social accountability

Skratch was founded by Scott Bennett, a former marketing consultant for global organizations including Frito Lay, Anheueser Busch, AT&T and Southwest Airlines. A Dallas native, Scott has taken great pride in giving back to his community, and sees the app as an extension of his passion for spreading social good locally.

“A part-time job was almost a given for my generation when we were teenagers. These first jobs helped us gain important experience and learn life lessons. Our current economy can make it difficult for teens to find steady part-time work. I wanted to find a way to give my young daughters that same formative work experience, which is how Skratch was born. We’re excited to launch in Dallas and give local teens a simple and safe way to earn money using cool technology,” said Bennett, founder and CEO of Skratch.

The app is available starting today as a free download via iOS.

About Skratch

Skratch is a mobile app designed to connect young people to paying gigs in their neighborhood, with the overall mission of simply doing some good. It was created to be a community-driven marketplace and an opportunity engine, helping teens make some extra “skratch” in their free time. Using modern technology of “swiping through” gig options, Skratch makes it easy for users to post, find, and complete temporary gigs near them. For more information, visit or check out Skratch on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat (@getskratch).