That’s right, the first ever State-Fair-themed restaurant is opening in a week in Plano.

Isaac Rousso is a State Fair of Texas award-winning concessionaire and he’s boldly bringing fried foods to diners all year. His new restaurant, State Fair Treats, will open in the Walmart located at Coit Road and Highway 190 as an homage to the State Fair of Texas, a retro new dining experience that’s certainly like nothing else currently open.

isaac rousso and his award winning cookie fries
Isaac rousso and his award winning cookie fries

Rousso calls the State Fair of Texas “the heartbeat of everything I do.” His homage comes in the form of his new restaurant, with more DFW locations scheduled to open in local Walmarts everywhere, and plans to expand nationwide.

Diners can expect a 45 item menu that’s all about fried goodness like Fried Twinkies, Cookie Fries, Pulled Pork Tacos and much, much more. Rousso has multiple DFW locations scheduled to open in Walmart during the coming year, with plans to open locations nationwide.

The Big Tex Choice Awards at the State Fair celebrate creative deep-fried treats. They also gave Rousso his first moment in the sun. This year, Rousso’s Cookie Fries were named Most Creative, though in the past, his creations have cleaned up. Wins include his Smoky Bacon Margarita, Deep Fried Cuban Roll and Fried Pop Tart.

deep-fried twinkies
Deep-fried twinkies

“Walmart was looking for a creative new food concept to energize high profile locations,” explains Rousso, a Dallas native born  of Cuban immigrants. His family has gone from operating a single booth at the State Fair of Texas, Taste of Cuba, becoming a huge presence every year. Now, they operate the Magnolia Beer Garden, Magnolia Pavilion, Magnolia Smokehouse, and most recently the Craft Beer Terrace.

“Isaac and his family embody what the State Fair is all about notes Carey Risinger, Senior Vice President of Food, Beverage and Retail for the State Fair of Texas. “Families working hard to help other families have a good time during their visit. They are the best, full of passion for what they do. Something we as the Fair search for every day!”

state fair treats
State fair treats

State Fair Treats

When: September 20

Where: Walmart | 425 Coit Rd., Plano, TX 75075

More: Check out State Fair Treats on Facebook

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