klink expands to frisco and richarson

The only rule: must be 21. 

This summer, Plano gained a wonderful alcohol delivery service called Klink – read about it here. And, it’s growing by popular demand. As of last week, Frisco and Richardson residents can enjoy Klink too; and have beer, wine and other non-liquor products (since these cities are moist, meaning liquor sale is prohibited) delivered straight to their door at the push of a few buttons.

See the map below for Klink’s deliverable areas.

“We’ve had literally hundreds of requests to expand into the surrounding areas,” Klink Chief Marketing Officer Tim Hedberg told Plano Profile. “This is our first of many expansions into cities outside of Plano.”

Through Klink’s app or website, order from the 13,000 products Total Wine & More stores offer and for the same price they offer them at; there’s no markup! Additional bonus: delivery time is within an hour. So, keep doing what you’re doing and let someone else pick up the alcohol for your personal stash or party needs.

Klink makes it fun and easy for you to choose an adult beverage if you’re not quite sure what to get. Depending on the type of event, select from a plethora of categories such as Casual Hangout, Party, Dinner, etc., and Klink will provide a list of options that best fit. Klink even has a Drink Local category that gives suggestions based on your area’s local brews, wineries or liquor distributors.

How Klink Works:
-Create an account on the Klink Delivery app or klinkdelivery.com, select the drinks you want, pay with a credit card and live-track your order as it’s being delivered.
-Drinks will arrive within an hour and the delivery fee is just $5.00 per order, regardless of order size, and with a minimum $20 order.

Plano Profile has an exclusive deal for our dedicated readers in all three cities—Plano, Frisco and Richardson! Get your first TWO delivery services FREE, a value of $10. At checkout use our code “PlanoProfile.” There’s no time limit to use the promo code, but the weekends do come at the end of every week, just sayin’.

That’s not all. If you add any one of these 10 wines to your cart, you’ll get free delivery on all orders with a $50 cart minimum. These ten wines are made up of all types from Cabernet to Pinot Noir to Chardonnay, and can be found in the “Take It Slow” collection on the app or website.

Klink celebrates three years of pioneering beer, wine and spirits delivery in Plano, Dallas, Florida and Washington, D.C. And, now Frisco and Richardson.

Colbea Smith

Colbea Smith is a young professional who grew up in Plano and loves the community she will always consider “home”. She is a proud alumna of Texas State University – Go Bobcats! – who spent most...