Imagine a meeting without a PowerPoint presentation. Instead, you’re given a personal folder with a tablet secured inside, and peering through a cutout frame is a video of a slated project. There’s even a short cable attached to the folder to charge the tablet. The videos are produced by Neon Cloud Productions and the folder is made by MarketingFX. Together, these innovative companies are creating interactive presentations for today’s digital world.

McKinney-based Neon Cloud Productions brings together artists, creatives, and filmmakers who are on top of the latest technologies in video production, coloring, graphic design, motion graphics and audio. Founder and owner Brian Aiken started the company about two years ago when drone technology first became available. A drone was about $2,000 and he promised his wife that if he could buy one, he’d make money with it. He kept that promise. Brian took his $2,000 drone down to White Rock Lake and downtown Dallas and shot a YouTube video called “Dallas from Above.” Texas City Economic Development Corporations (EDCs) started calling for more.

Brian didn’t stop shooting home videos of his family, particularly of his young daughter Victoria who has gained a following on YouTube, but he quit his banking job after 10 years and started Neon Cloud Productions. He and his team have produced over 300 drone videos and over 100 for EDCs all over the state. One of his most well-known clients is the State Fair of Texas where he covers the Texas/OU game, which rallies football fans to Dallas every fall.

Hanah Bartee with Neon Cloud Productions told Plano Profile, “We’re always trying to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Brian customizes all of his drones to capture the best quality.” She added, “We push the limits on what we can do visually and graphically after the video is shot, too, and we don’t tag your video with our logo. Once it’s yours, it’s yours.”

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Brit Mott

Brit is a Leadership Plano Class 25 graduate and Leadership Frisco Class 10 graduate. She received her Master’s in Journalism from the University of North Texas and her Bachelor’s in Mass Communication...