junior league of collin country grantes 10000 to assistance center of collin country generously supporting community members in need

The Junior League of Collin County granted $10,000 to the Assistance Center of Collin County to support their Family Stabilization initiatives. For 39 years, the Assistance Center of Collin County has served the community in meeting the needs of Collin County citizens. The Junior League of Collin County has joined the efforts of the Assistance Center’s Family Stabilization Initiatives. These funds will be used to provide rent and utility assistance to families under the threat of eviction or utility disconnection.

The approach of the Assistance Center: “If you stabilize the home and ensure that it has all of the comforts of home, families will engage, their children will remain on track for their academic success and the family will not just survive but thrive.”

“We are so honored to receive these funds and be in partnership with the Junior League of Collin County. Together we can move the needle for those experiencing financial crises in Collin County,” responded Yvonne Booker, Executive Director at the Assistance Center.

For more information about the Assistance Center or to join them in their efforts, contact them 972.422.1125 or email yvonne@assistancecenter.org.

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