“I am full to the brim with creative energy. Although growing up in a small Texas town provided little artistic encouragement, I never felt limited,” says Catherine Page on her quietly beautiful website where her Medieval-inspired, turquoise jewelry takes center stage. Limitless indeed, Catherine combines her resourceful waste-not-want-not attitude with her undergraduate degree in Art History at Baylor and masters in Medieval Art History/Flemish Renaissance at the University of North Texas and creates Texas-made jewelry that’s both breathtaking and incredibly personal. Find her gems at Julep Boutique at The Shops at Legacy.

I read that your inspiration is Medieval art history? Is there a person/designer that inspires you as well?
Art History is my first love and never stops giving. I’m actually inspired by very mundane or ordinary things. [I’ve written a piece on] “Inspirations” that years ago we did a postcard out of and had customers send in the card sharing their own inspirations which we posted online.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Perceptive, Honest, Direct.

What jewelry are you wearing right now?
Right now, I’m wearing only my father’s wedding band. He gave it to me two days before he died last April. That’s pretty much all I ever wear.

Is jewelry typically an accurate reflection of the person wearing it or of the person they aspire to be?
That’s tricky. I think that the jewelry a person wears is most often a reflection of who they are. At times, we admire jewelry that reflects who we aspire to be, but lack the confidence to make a commitment.

Is turquoise considered “classic” or does it “trend” ever so often?
Every stone or color “trends” at some point or another. For me, there’s good turq and bad turq. Bad turq is everywhere at every price level. I think that it’s a staple in the South for sure, but not universally.

What is a classic piece of jewelry every person should own?
When you think about it, all jewelry falls into two simple categories: sentimental or vanity. I make my living at the vanity kind, but I think every person should own a significant piece of the sentimental kind, something that tells a story, or holds a memory.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in this line of business?
This isn’t a very glamorous response but it’s honest. My greatest accomplishment in this business is that it continues to grow, be viable, and well received. If, at the end of my “illustrious” jewelry career I have four children that I have fed, clothed, insured, put braces on, paid tuition for, bought prom dresses and homecoming mums for, put in cars, sent to tutoring, gymnastics, basketball, football, dance, and college(!), then I will consider my career a success. catherinepage.net or at Julep Boutique at The Shops at Legacy

Alexandra Cronin

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