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The results of the annual Pageant of Pets are finally in! While it has been a long-standing Plano Profile tradition to showcase top dogs, this year we allowed all furry friends to be entered, from mice to Malamutes. Citywide, readers have sent in photographs of their beloved pets to be considered and though each and every one brought something new and adorable to the table, we’ve picked out our personal favorites for their style, personality and sheer charisma. These six are our picks for the most photogenic pets to be found in Plano.

Best Pocket-sized Pet: Jello, submitted by Michelle McEnroe

Most Cosmopolitan Canine: Rock Star, submitted by Jamee Jolly

Most Dynamic Duo: Mocha and Moochi, submitted by Zara Khan

Quirkiest Character: Francis, submitted by Mel Ro

Brightest Eyes: King, submitted by Sharon Hudgins

Gentlest Giant: Xavier, submitted by Ken and Olivia Reis

Here are more cuddly locals. Thanks to everyone who submitted a picture. We love showing off Plano’s beautiful pets!