The Collin County Historical Commission recently named Plano’s Heritage Farmstead Museum as the winner of the group’s Collin McKinney Achievement Award, an award which recognizes the outstanding achievements of a historical organization or museum that actively work to promote the heritage of the county through projects, museum education, historical tourism and in other ways.

“The Heritage Farmstead Museum family is honored to receive this award from the Collin County Historical Commission,” said Heritage Farmstead Museum Executive Director M’Lou Hyttinen. “Our amazing board of directors, dedicated staff, generous donors, supportive members and amazing volunteers are such a valuable part of our team. We are all working together to keep history alive and to share the fun of farm life with our community.”

Heritage Farmstead Museum was nominated for the award by Jamee Jolly, president and CEO of the Plano Chamber of Commerce.

“Heritage Farmstead Museum [has provided] 40 years of consistent outstanding promotion of the heritage of Collin County,” said Jolly in the award nomination materials. “The Heritage Farmstead Museum works to preserve, teach and demonstrate the history of Collin County to more than 30,000 visitors annually. Visitors from around the world remember the farmstead as a unique part of their trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. And perhaps more importantly, the Heritage Farmstead Museum provides Collin County with a special identity and sense of community, based on its roots. The farm families who settled in Collin County came from many places, bringing with them perseverance and determination, the work ethic and a fierce pride in what they could accomplish and pass on to their children.  The loved home, family and the land. These virtues apply today, and the Heritage Farmstead Museum allows an experience of that American spirit that bears passing on to future generations.”

About The Heritage Farmstead Museum
The Heritage Farmstead Museum, a four-acre historic site consisting of a restored, 14-room 1891 Victorian farmhouse with its original outbuildings, interprets rural life on the North Texas prairie between 1890 and 1925. The museum provides tours, field trips and programs for 35,000 visitors each year. For more information, call 972.881.0140 or visit

About the Collin County Historical Commission
The Collin County Historical Commission (CCHC) is the official local arm of the Texas Historical Commission, and receives Collin County funding to serve as the umbrella organization for all historical preservation and education groups within the county. The Collin County Historical Commission helps preserve and educate on the rich history of the county by initiating and conducting programs and activities for the preservation of historical heritage; marking, interpreting, preserving and accumulating information on history and landmarks; and serving as an umbrella organization for all public and private historical groups in the county, in order to encourage, support and promote these groups’ activities.

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