Luke Wiler and his wife, Nadia, are the owners of the gym POD Exercise in Frisco. The pair started the company in 2014 with an inspiration to help and educate others through fitness.

A little background on the two: Luke graduated from Bowling Green State University with a concentration in Kinesiology. As a collegiate athlete in football and rugby,  Luke took it upon himself to really focus on the bio mechanics behind exercise. Nadia’s specialty is business. Attending Florida State at Jacksonville, Nadia has a great understanding on entrepreneurship. Nadia also shares a similar interest as Luke with experience in competing in fitness competitions.

Luke and Nadia Wiler.

Q&A sesh with Luke, below:

1. Why is POD different?

With the understanding that time matters, and the lack of exercise knowledge in today’s world, [Nadia and I] developed a 30-minute group personal training program with a primary focus on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). We are NOT a Crossfit gym. Although we are just as intense in some areas, our focus is on form and technique. Our workout regimens maximize intensity and minimize stress on the ligaments and joints.

2. How do you motivate clients to succeed in your program?
Eighty percent of people that see results, see it with a personal trainer. At POD Exercise, not only will you get an Electric Atmosphere along with boat loads of accountability, you get the passion of young entrepreneurs who are top-certified personal trainers and want everyone to succeed.

3. It sounds like a 30-minute happy hour with a friendly support group and camaraderie. Do most of your participants like the group atmosphere? How does it benefit all through group personal training?
Going to the gym doesn’t have to be dreadful. We want our members to enjoy coming. Go ahead and ask any one of our members what they think about POD Exercise. I promise, after what they tell you, you would think we paid them to say it.

4. What motivates you to help your clients?
Personal trainers at large corporate gyms often lack the passion because they are more concentrated on sales. At POD Exercise, we never pressure anyone into becoming a member. We let our one-of-a-kind program speak for us. If we can help our members succeed in results, they tell their friends about us, which gives us more clients to help succeed. Not only is it great business for us, it creates loyal members—it creates the “WOW” factor!

5. What can a client expect to encounter in a POD class?
You can expect to sweat a lot. POD combines equal length intervals of cardio, weight training, and resistance exercises in a 30-minute workout that can burn mucho calories. Your mileage may vary, but we’ve seen clients burn from 400 to 1,200 calories, depending on their weight and effort level. All this is combined in a comfortable environment with flattering lighting and the best sound system pumping a mix of music that is guaranteed to keep you moving.

The Wilers are great business partners and want to help our community members achieve their best! For more on POD Exercise, visit

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