Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere Meets Real Housewives of Dallas LeAnne Locken

Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dallas aired its first episode a couple of weeks ago and it sure brought a lot of attention to Plano!

LeAnne Locken, the show’s biggest charity-supporting housewife made the infamous statement, “It’s a little Plano in here.” She was speaking of two fellow ‘wives, including Brandi Redwine who lives in Plano.

Shannah Hayley, City of Plano Director of Marketing and Community Engagement, decided to laugh it off by creating a line of clothing with the bold tagline, adding to the end of the quote, “And we like it.” Up for purchase are T-shirts, hoodies, even a baby onsie. Check out Shannah’s Twitter for more Tweets and more about the designs: twitter.com/shannahhayley.

Here’s a direct link to shop the different designs, from $18.49-41.49: “It’s a little Plano in here. And we like it.”



Locken recently said she was originally meaning Redwine was “a little Plain-o.” She actually worked with the City for eight years in the past, and has mentioned she loves Plano. This afternoon, Locken met with Mayor Harry LaRosiliere to extend an olive branch to him and the City of Plano. Shannah’s most recent Tweet states, “Like I said, LeAnne Locken is a Class Act. #RHOD.”

Shannah has become an internet star because of this, even Bravo TV wrote an article about it.

Colbea Smith
Colbea Smith is a young professional who grew up in Plano and loves the community she will always consider “home”. She is a proud alumna of Texas State University – Go Bobcats! – who spent most of her days in school studying advertising and playing around at the San Marcos river. After she graduated, Colbea worked in global communications at Hewlett-Packard for over three years and then took some time off to adventure around the U.S. Colbea is a huge, self-proclaimed foodie who loves to explore and is always down to try new activities.


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