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Harvest Keeps It Local

If you love farm-to-table restaurants, I’ve found one to add to your list to try! It’s called Harvest, a seasonal kitchen that’s located just up the road in Downtown McKinney. But you’ve got to be quick on your feet! The winter seasonal cuisine, including the one I’m spotlighting, departs from the menu at the end of this month.

Farm Egg & Pumpkin Corn Griddle Cake is the dish’s given name and it’s available at lunch and dinner for $15 at either time of day. The idea of this dish may seem a little odd, but once you get a taste, it’s like home cookin’ blended with a nice hint of pumpkin. Descend into this savory dish topped with a fried egg and garnished with perfectly sautéed green beans and mushrooms, as well as field greens, all on a bed of mushroom butter sauce. The flavors and textures are well-balanced; it’s hard to keep from eating until every bite is devoured.

All of Harvest’s dishes are uniquely created by Executive Chef Andrea Shackelford, who began working with restaurant Owner Rick Wells in May 2013 as a sous chef at a former dining establishment. Together, the pair imagined the concept for Harvest, researching and developing it in a methodical way for over a year. They came up with the foundation of the restaurant through three key questions: Where was it grown? How was it raised? And in the case of materials, Is it recyclable?

mckinney harvest chef andrea shackelford
Executive Chef Andrea Shackelford

Purchasing locally or regionally grown and raised, organic products or even pulling vegetables from Harvest’s own farm in Lucas is most important to them. “Ninety percent of our products come from within 75 miles of McKinney. All other products are from growers, gardeners and farmers we trust within the U.S.,” said Rick. Their straws and menus are made of paper, glasses of recycled wine bottles, and even the entrance room is made of wood from an old barn that sat across from The Samaritan Inn (a local nonprofit) in McKinney. Rick hugely supports local merchants. “Spend a dollar locally, 70¢ of it stays here [locally]. It builds a strong community, strong schools and strong churches.”

Chef Andrea is currently working on her title as master gardener and manages the garden at the Lucas farm. When asked about their spring seasonal menu set to launch at the end of this month or early May, she says, “We have our staple, year-round dishes, but most often seasonal dishes and weekly specials [that use vegetables] are up to what was successfully grown.” Zero pesticides or other chemicals are used to maintain vegetables, so veggie growth is predominantly up to the weather and gardening skills.

So try the Farm Egg & Pumpkin Corn Griddle Cake before it’s too late! The Harvest menu changes with the seasons, keeping foodies on edge waiting for the new menu’s release.

Photography by Ernest Ideas Design & Media Group
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112 E. Louisianna St.
McKinney, Texas 75069

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