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Kerry Langford, kerrylangfordphotographer.com
Kerry Langford, kerrylangfordphotographer.com

Plano Profile, alongside Ten 20 Gallery and The Art Pack, invites you to a night of art in Downtown Plano on Friday, April 8.

In our April edition of Plano Profile (out now!) we featured The Art Pack—Ken Wesley, Jorg Fercher and Jeff Bergus—the three owners of Ten 20 Gallery who are at the forefront of a new art renaissance in Downtown Plano…And now we invite you to get to know them and to form part of this new and exciting art movement.

So come one, come all and join us for a glass of wine at Ten 20 Gallery where you’ll have the chance to meet the next generation of artists causing a stir in Downtown Plano.

In addition to art by Jeff Bergus and Jorg Fercher, themselves talented artists, expect a variety of art by a mix of different local artists including Douglas Winters, Kiki Winters, Kelly Steller Hrad, Toni Martin, Steve Ureigas, Mark White, Reyon Nurse, Devyn Overton, Sarah Hickey, Lani Mekeel, Jabare Ousley, Emily Delarios, Chris Henderson, Holly Stipe, Jim Bilgere, Kat, Jim Gaither, Julio Flores, Abby G, Paul A. of  My Possibilities, Gene Dillard, Don Dillard and Lilllian Fint.

A Night of Art with Plano Profile

When: Friday April 8, 7 –11 p.m.

Where: Ten 20 Gallery, 1020 E 15th St, Plano, Texas

For more information about Ten 20 Gallery, visit facebook.com/20TenGallery.

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