All parents want their children to develop traits such as compassion, generosity and kindness, but just like math and reading skills, the traits associated with being a socially responsible person must be nurtured and developed over time. The earlier these softer skills are fostered in young children, the more likely they are to be successful in school and life.


Social and emotional development begins at birth, and the brain develops more rapidly during the first five years of life than at any other time. Cultivating character traits that lead to social responsibility such as caring, honesty and cooperation during this time is just as important as building the foundation for traditional academic skills. That’s why character development is an integral part of our exclusive Balanced Learning® program at Primrose Schools.

It’s our goal to help children build the foundation they need to grow into happy, successful individuals. Nurturing good character is an important part of that mission. Character lessons are woven through our program and daily classroom experiences to help children learn about social responsibility and apply specific character traits to authentic situations.

Character development has been a part of Primrose’s approach to learning since the company’s inception more than 30 years ago. Today, children learn about character every day through books, discussions, art projects, puppet play, games and role playing.


For example, the Primrose Friends puppets help teach children traits like responsibility, honesty, caring and cooperation. Og the bookworm represents caring and reminds children through class discussions, literature and role playing to be kind to others, show appreciation, and help others when they can. Teachers also read books to children that convey important life lessons through relatable characters and story lines. Children are encouraged to think of real examples and make connections to their own lives.

In addition to classroom activities, Primrose provides hands-on learning experiences to help children develop character traits like caring and generosity. Activities include collecting books for children in need, doing chores at home to raise money to purchase canned goods for local food banks, and collecting items for local animal shelters. This kind of experiential learning helps children learn first-hand the joy of giving back and helping others.

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Dr Pratiksha Rigley is the Franchise Owner for 5 Primrose Schools in the DFW area since 2008, She and her husband Dr Noel Rigley have owned Primrose School of Preston Meadow since 2015.